I noticed users levels of access to certain microsoft features getting added and removed. It takes time to figure out the root cause is the change in the license assignment or access grant/deny of features within the license level. Here are my notes while analyzing a challenge.

Key Points

  • Microsoft administrator assigns user licenses.
  • Licenses by default come with set of service plans/features (ex: Microsoft Teams).
  • Microsoft administrator can limit the features selectively.
  • User can be assigned with multiple licenses.
  • Combined
  • Every user can see their subscription at
  • Licenses can be assigned to any security group in Azure AD


Microsoft licence assigned or subscriptions

Where can I see the license assigned to me?

signin / login activities

Where can I see my (user) login activities?

My Organization subscription/products

As an MS Administrator, where can I find the licenses purchased for my organization?

Go to –> Search/Navigate Licenses –> click All Products (

User license / subscription assignment

As an MS Administrator, how can I view licenses assigned for particular user?

  • Go to –> Search/Navigate Azure Active Directory –> click Users –> search the user –> Navigate to the user –> click licenses.
  • Refer Assignment Paths to understand how (from which security group) the user got the license assignment

Licenses and short descriptions

Name Notes
Project for Office (Plan E1)  
Common Data Service  
Education Analytics  
Microsoft Search  
Whiteboard (Plan 1)  
SharePoint (Plan 1) for Education