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At school, I helped (actually spoiled) many of my friends by letting them copy my math homework book and made the teachers upset.

At college, I helped/assited the computer lab technician with his work. With earned trust and admin/root rights and more lab hours. Still remember the days I enjoyed by sending wall, net send commands to show off.

Favorite books during college

Spend most of the time with books like The C programming language by Dennis Ritchie, Let Us C and Pointers in C by Yashavant P. Kanetkar, TCP/IP Illustrated by Stevens W. Richard and The Complete Reference of RedHat.

College Projects

  • Network pocket sniffing
  • Helped seniors by translating C implementation of Ant Colony Algorithms for their project.
  • With combination of visual basic and C, developed application which takes input via form and instructs dot matrix printer to print bills/certificates.

Favorite Projects at work

  • Advertising Solution
    • Play HTML pages with dynamic content as playable media.
    • Registering and Discovering service over LAN using Multicast address and service discovery protocols.
  • Management Service - Management of enterprise application by providing common services like clustering, single sign on, user-role-permission management, master data management and many more.
  • Online Player Portal - First online lottery portal which manages player card, payments and many player subscription services.
  • Cargo Manager - Logistics system which provids better visibility of shipments, containers to help super users and clients to plan.
  • Framework components
    • Building Reusable Componets to eliminate writing boiler plate code.
    • Reduce development cost by avoiding frequest releases to adopt frequent dependency releases.
    • Load centrally managed configuration and libraries to become highly agile in release and hot fixes.
  • Web Integrated Routing Extension - A Mini ESB to handle heavy lifting of integrations which are harder to achive with standard integration solution.
  • Upgradable Project Template - Implemented a standard template to bootstrap enterprise grade application development across the organization.
  • Upgradable Build Pipeline & Wrappers - Versioned Jenkins based CI/CD pipeline using both freestyle and Modular Pipeline Library (MPL).
  • Single Sign On - Implementing opensource based IDP solution in Kubernetes platform. Providing OIDC, SAML integrations with Multifactor Authentication and Identity Federation.

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